Who We Are

The Hunger Project (THP) is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. THP has been active in Bangladesh since 1990 and is currently the country’s largest volunteer-based organization covering all 64 districts.
Unleashed Women Network is one of the major initiatives by the Hunger Project and presently the largest women network in the country.
The platform was initiated in 2006, comprising a group of THP-trained women organizers from the community level, who are committed to create a gender equal, hunger free, self-reliant Bangladesh.
The network members envisage creating a sustainable future with the provision for all, irrespective of gender, to have a self-sustained and dignified life where everyone would enjoy the right to their well-off and self esteem.
Unleashed Women Network believes, equal participation of women should be inclusive at each tier of decision making, which is initiated through the progress of women leadership at grass roots level.
The network members believe that it is certainly possible to attain the desired self –sustainability through gaining the capacity of proactive leadership and flourishing the innate capacity and creative faculties of women by sensitizing, activating and organizing them. With such realization, they are voluntarily committed to implement several priority tasks throughout the country.
As an individual and from bandstand the network member are stand against all forms of violence against women including the trafficking of women & children, domestic violence and creates optimum resistance.
The network members used to take precise actions for
• Resisting dowry & early marriage;
• Ensuring sanitation and use of safe water;
• Maternal care & safe delivery;
• Enrollment of all of the eligible children
• Ensuring birth & marriage registration etc.