Guiding Principles:

Equality:  Equality will exist, practices and reflected in everywhere among the human being and between men and women.

Dynamic Leadership: Leadership will be dynamic and spontaneous. The objectives of leadership will be making a transformative change on the views of the traditional society and women eyesight. All the activities will accept and implemented by the local demand and initiated by the local leadership.

Transparency and Accountability: The frequency, availability, exchange and access of information and knowledge will be ensuring from the grass-roots level to national level of the network. The practice of transparency will follow in decision making and implementation process. Each of the member will be inspired by own esteem and on the basis of responsibility towards society.

Responsibility and Commitment: The entire member should have humanity. They will be committed to establish a peaceful and well justified society. All the members will take the responsibilities to remove all the obstacles to be empower women in every sphere like economically, socially, politically, culturally, legally and in mass media. Instead of be a self-centric personality all the member will be self-motivated, brave and committed to make change in the society.

Self- Reliance: All the members will run by self-reliance.  Each of the members will believe that responsibility and power is existence in each of the person and it can develop their life. Through this inspiration each of the members will run their activities by self creativity, skill, resource and decision making.

Inclusiveness: Women from each class, age, language, culture and religion can be member of the network.

Networking: To establish a hunger, free self-reliant Bangladesh is not possible only through the protection of human rights of women. For that needs a mass awareness. So create this mass awareness each of the member of the network will play a vital role to keep networking with the same minded person and organizations. The networking will expand in international level by need basis.

This policy can be amend (addition and omission) by the discussion and approval of the national committee. If there is need any explanation the central executive committee can explain it.